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Our Delivery Time

We aim to dispatch your soft furnishings within about 30 days.

In practise, this varies according to workload: currently we are quoting 28 days.

We often get asked why we are so slow! How come other people can send out soft furnishings in 3 weeks or even under a week?

Well, we aren't that slow on purpose, and we know that, particularly at certain times of the year, speed is of the essence.

Here are some of the reasons we like to allow around 30 days before we dispatch your soft furnishings:

  • Time to get the fabric in. We don't hold stock of fabrics - we couldn't, there's so many in the collection, so we order it from the producer. This is pretty quick (2-4 days), but we sometimes wait a day to lump a few orders together. And sometimes there is a small delay at the manufacturer's end.
  • Time to check the fabric is OK. We use great manufacturers, but every so often a tiny defect might appear in a fabric that is in an awkward place on the blind or curtain, and it would be best to get a new piece.
  • Time queued in the workrooms. Although we'd love to put your job into make-up without any delay, in practise this would be innefficient therefore more expensive for all of us, so, yes, we make you wait in a queue! Not for long, we hope.
  • Time to make up. It takes a day or so to get a blind or pair of curtains made up, sometimes longer if they are big or complicated. As we've said elsewhere, our production is hand-made, and people sew slower than machines!
  • Time to test and pack. We hang your soft furnishings to make sure they hang OK, and if they are a blind, that they pull up OK. Then we hand-build a box (because each product is different) to pack it off to you.
  • We only dispatch on Mondays to Thursdays (you receive on Tuesdays to Fridays), so if we finish your blind on a Friday it won't go out till Monday.
  • The courier is overnight, but if its a weekend the delivery will wait till the next week.

In practise all this means that delivery in a week is impossible, 3 weeks can on rare occasions be achieved (God and manufacturers willing!), and 4 weeks realistic. Hence we quote 'around 30 days' and our current estimate is 28 days until dispatch.

We send by overnight couriers, so you get your soft furnishings the next day

We hope this explanation suffices for you, we are constantly looking at ways of cutting the time without cutting corners!