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  • Note to Design Colleges: please do not advise your students to use our system to obtain fabric swatches, because this an abuse of our account with the fabric companies and may mean we cannot offer a swatch service, and therefore jeopardise our business.
  • Order up to 5 swatches by filling in the boxes below.
  • Obviously, there can be problems getting true colour reproduction on these pages. If, once you have received your samples, you find none are suitable, you can make a further selection.
  • Please do not make several swatch requests at a time, wait until one set of swatches arrive before sending in another request.Our system does not permit more than 5 swatches to be requested over a couple of days or 18 in a month. You can also not get a swatch of the same fabric twice within a reasonable time period.This includes swatches requested from our sister site Curtain Shack.
  • The service, including postage, is entirely without charge for the UK. For Republic of Ireland, the US and Canada, a small charge of 1 GBP is made to cover postage, refunded on your next order. Occasionally people try to get around this, but believe us, it does not work!
  • We reserve the right to refuse swatch requests at our absolute discretion if we feel the system is being abused.
  • OK, now to choose your fabrics, either choose your fabric from the drop down boxes, or if you already have some fabrics saved to your 'shortlist', click on the 'From ShortList' button to pick one from your list.
Step 1: Choose Fabric RangeStep 2: Choose Colour;Or, pick one from your shortlist
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