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  • Our advice service seeks to suggest fabrics and window treatments based on the information you provide.
  • Allow a few days for us to respond because we do think about your situation and sometimes need to obtain colour cards or fabric books.
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If your walls are painted, describe the colour and make of paint here or send us a sample/paintcard
If your walls are wallpapered, either describe the pattern and manufacturer of the paper here or better still send us a sample
Describe the colour and type of your carpet or other floorcovering
Describe the colour and nature of your ceiling

Physical Situation

What kind of room is it? (living room, bedroom, hall etc)
What is the approximate height and width,in centimetres, of the curtain(s) you are proposing?
Is the Window in a recess, describe its location
What sort of large furniture items are in the room? (rugs, sofas) What style would you say is the general decor?
Is the Window modern or old, sash or swing?
Other Information
(tell us as much as you can)